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Online chat groups. The good, the bad and the plain ugly

20 Feb

So I’ve joined an online mommy chat group. I joined one when Aidan was born but left after about 6 months due to all the drama and sheer simple stupidity of some of the participants. But whatever you wanted to call it, boring it wasn’t. It was literally a soap opera going on in real time!

Despite that first experience, I’ve decided to give the whole mommy chat group thing another go, albeit on a different site. How does that definition of insanity go again?? I’m crossing my fingers that this group will be relatively drama/crazy free. So far, the post that has generated the most responses in the 5 days since I’ve joined is one from a devout Christian ranting on the subject of vaccines and aborted foetuses. Let the crazy fun begin!

On the bright side, they give me lots of things to think about, and hopefully blog about in the days and weeks to come.

The first one that comes to mind is the lack of respect for spellcheck. Fair enough, a lot of people are posting directly from their phones, are in a hurry or simply don’t mind making the occasional typo. And usually in these sort of situations a typo is no big deal. Unless you are one recent woman who posted a TMI series of details regarding her PP ‘bowl’ movements and her fear that she might have ‘bowl’ cancer.

Oh, and that’s another thing about these sorts of sites. They have their own lingo and jargon. There is, apparently, a link on the site to help newbies like myself navigate the acronyms but I’m lazy and prefer to just try and work it out as I go. In case you’re still trying to figure it out, ‘PP’ stands for ‘postpartum’. I sort of like having to guess at the meanings of all these uppercase abbreviations. And that reminds me, why is it folks have the time to make sure that their abbreviations are in uppercase but not enough time to proofread for mistakes like confusing ‘bowel’ with ‘bowl’?

Anyway, in case you too, dear reader, enjoy word puzzles…see if you can guess what these stand for:

  1. LO
  2. SO
  3. DH
  4. DD
  5. DS
  6. SAHM
  7. BF
  8. EBF
  9. FF
  10. BD