Go ahead! Be a big baby!

8 Aug

This summer was  a summer of a lot of “firsts” and “lasts” for me as a mother.

My son Gabriel (Gabe to his friends) is my second and last child. My last son. My last baby.

This summer, we witnessed a lot of “firsts” with Gabe.

Celebrating his first Canada Day (in Bangkok).

Eating his first solids.

Sleeping through his first long haul flight.

Meeting his extended family in the UK for the first time.

Discovering how his knees work and putting them into action for his first proper crawl!

Sitting up for the first time.

Pulling himself up to a standing position (using a suitcase, ironically enough) on July 4th at the age of 6 months and 1 week.

Being weaned from the breast. 

As I watch him grow and achieve, I feel at once a sense of pride and yet a sense of sorrow; knowing that these are the last baby “firsts” that I will witness with my own children.

But watching him I was also struck by the thought that “being a big baby” shouldn’t be a putdown. We should all strive to be big babies; every day. I have observed for endless hours my big baby trying to work out how to navigate the world around him and to find his place in it. Trying to figure out how his own limbs work. Testing his own strength. I have seen him fail more times than he will ever remember. And that’s the thing. Any parent knows, from even the most casual observation, that babies/toddles/kids don’t dwell on their failures. They remember their successes; and build upon them.

As my eldest son prepares to start “big kid school” tomorrow, I will try to find a way to remind him that it’s ok to be a “big baby”.

2 Responses to “Go ahead! Be a big baby!”

  1. Kelli August 11, 2012 at 5:06 pm #

    Thanks Jodie. I’m with you – especially with the cherishing of the “last firsts” with my last baby too. Love your blog postings. xx

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