All the little losses

27 Apr

Hope your week has been full of good things.

While I have a 30 minute lull in my day, I thought that I would send a quick update. 

Gabriel is doing great. We have an appointment with the pedi for his 4 month check up plus some vaccines. He also starts his swimming lessons tomorrow. Yeah! Hopefully he’ll grow into as accomplished a swimmer as his older brother is becoming. In the last week or so, Gabe has discovered rolling over at will! Hurray! He’s a big fan of tummy time and is growing by leaps and bounds. He’s more or less wearing size 6months onesies now. Which is sad. As my last baby, I have to now face the fact that I can’t save all his clothes for ‘the next one’. He continues to be a happy little boy who hardly ever cries. Even though I’m back at work full-time, we’re still breastfeeding. He gets one to two bottles (tops) a day of formula while I’m at work (4oz per bottle). I come at lunch (10:45am) to feed him, then after school (4pm), and then feed him all through the evening and night. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he weighs now. He sleeps well but not always predictably. He’s not sleeping through the night but for the last couple of weeks he’s going down between 7-8pm and only waking once in the night. Usually around 1:30am. At which point, I bring him into our bed to nurse and he stays there until the morning. 

Being back at work sucks. I mean, it’s nice to get out of the house and it’s REALLY nice to get a paycheck again. It’s even nice to see my students again. But I simply hate leaving that sweet little angel face in the morning. And by angel face I mean Gabriel and not Aidan.

Poor little Aidan. Where to begin? The poor kid has had so many changes in his little life in the past 4 months. A new brother. Started school. Started going to school 5 days instead of 3. Moved house. Papa came to visit for two weeks and then left again. Mommy went back to work. He takes the bus to school now because Mommy is at work. He sleeps in a regular queen sized bed and now Gabe sleeps in his old crib. So many changes!! He still calls our apartment “my new house”. He lost all his old friends from the old apartment except Aaryka who visited for the first time Wednesday. Apparently, she was driving her mom crazy asking for Aidan. To the point where on Monday, the nanny took her downstairs to our old apartment and let her ring the doorbell to show her what they’d been telling her for weeks; that Aidan really doesn’t live there anymore. So finally her nanny called Marley and asked if they could come over. Sweet, isn’t it. So he’s been invited to her birthday party on May 14th. He’s very excited.

But that all brings me to today.

Tuesday at 4pm I received a call from Aidan’s teacher, Teacher “A”, asking if I could come to school to discuss Aidan’s “behaviour”. You don’t need to be an educator to know that this is not good. No one ever summons you to your child’s school to discuss how fantastic they are. Nor does it bode well for the remaining 17 years or so of formal education that he has in store for him. 

We’ve been kept a little in the dark, it would seem, about some of his behaviour. I’d had some notes come home in January/February but since I hadn’t heard anything in a while, I assumed that this issue had died down. Ummm. No. Is apparently the answer to that. Aidan has a ‘frenemy’ named, of all things, ‘Hayden’. So I get home on Tuesday and said to Aidan, “Teacher A called me today. I have to go see Teacher A to talk about you. What did you do today?” Not missing a beat, Aidan says, “I scratched Hayden’s eye.” So at least we can add ‘honest’ and ‘frank’ to the list of qualities that my son possesses. ‘Self-control’ and ‘using our hands and not our fists’  will, sadly, apparently have to wait. Long story short…Hayden’s mom is livid. Aidan is being switched classes. The staff at the school admit that these two boys are pretty much magnets to each other. Unfortunately, their play tends to become physical and although Aidan isn’t always the first to start the pushing and the shoving, he’s never been the one to go home with bumps and bruises; if ya know what I mean. So now we can add yet another “change” to his life. He will no longer be in Teacher A’s class. And while the professional in me acknowledges that this is the most practical solution, the parent in me grieves for his loss. He is truly fond of Teacher A. When he plays ‘school’, he is always teacher A. When there is a holiday and he’s not at school, he asks, “Where is Teacher A?” So now we can heap ‘Teacher A’ to the pile of things that he’s lost in the past four months alone. So I will spend my weekend trying to find any and every opportunity that I can to tell him how excited Teacher “D” is to do story time with him on Monday morning. All in a vain attempt to soften the blow for him. 

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