Maternity leave: the aftermath

18 Apr

So… today was my first proper day back at work. By proper, I mean that I was actually responsible for the delivery and execution of teaching and learning. Whereas my first week “back at work” was more about getting to know where I needed to pick up after my supply teacher.

It has to be said, today was a rather easy re-entry. The day began with a visit to my homeroom. A group of year 8 kids that I’ve known since they began their journey into secondary as ‘little’ Yr7s. Moreover, (and what makes my job even more pleasant) I share responsibility for this group with another teacher. As fate would have it, she and I taught together at another local area school for a brief period but never really got to know one another. That being said, I’m a big fan of being in her orbit.

First period consisted of reconnecting with my Yr4 class. A lovelier bunch of 7 and 8yr olds I’ve yet to meet. One of whom was new to me but he soon proved to be the type of inquisitive sponge who fits in rather well with the rest of the class.

Period two, I met with my Yr7 class. It’s amazing what change can be affected in a mere three months. Since December, this class has lost 2 key members. Two girls who were each remarkable in their own right. One, for being an amazing talent when it came to languages. The other, for being just a sincerely nice person. We have two new male additions and the new dynamic is (maybe not) surprising. I look forward to seeing what the next eight weeks hold for this group.


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