My ode to the CBC

4 Apr

Some of my best childhood memories are intertwined with the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for those of you who aren’t Canadian).  I left Canada twelve years ago and I can still hum the Hockey Night in Canada theme song like it was a nursery ryhme. Because for many of us it was the music that we were put to bed to on a Saturday night!

Who doesn’t remember watching “Le Chandail” as a kid? There is not a kid who went through the French Immersion programme in Canada who hasn’t seen that!

And what about all those A Part of our Heritage vignettes? Who can forget “Burnt Toast“? Or “Signal Hill”? Or my personal favourite “Women in Medicine“?

It wasn’t until I went to University Laval in Quebec City (1997) that I truly developed an appreciation for the CBC. Immersed in a francophone environment (which was the whole point actually), I discovered CBC Radio in English. And before the days of podcast download, I would dutifully tune in on a Sunday morning to listen to Quirks and Quarks. That was my initiation into the world of CBC radio.

I don’t know who it was who first turned me onto The Vinyl Cafe, or if I stumbled upon it by accident but that show has become my favourite over the years. For those of you who know the show, I feel as if I know Dave & Marli and their kids. And even though we’ve never met, I feel like Stuart McLean is family. His voice is just one more thread in the fabric of Canadiana.

So imagine my joy when I received the following message today via Facebook after posting a comment. First, the comment. Second, the reply from Stuart.

That made my day!! My favourite story teller telling me that he loved my story!

That ranks right up there in the coolest things to happen to me in a long while!

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