BFing and red wine

7 Mar

Here is the start of a thread posted by a member of the baby board I belong to.

Hello happy wine lovers and breastfeeders! I just asked my Pediatrican if I was allowed to have a glass of wine at night (I am EBF) and he said I could have TWO and that red wine would actually increase my let down!!!! 🙂 yes please to all!!!!!

There was a mix of replies to this posting. I would have to say that it was about half and half. Half the women were saying hooray! while the other half were basically saying that complete and utter sobriety was the only way to go to ensure that your child grow up to be a contributing member of society.

Here is my reply.

Every doctor I’ve ever talked to about this issue (pediatrician or otherwise) has said the same thing. The amount of alcohol that makes its way into breast milk is infinitesimal. The advice not to drink is really based on concerns surrounding the physical care of the baby. No one wants to see a hammered parent taking care of an infant, or any child for that matter. That said, a half a glass or two of wine can be beneficial for heart and mind. Dark ales can boost milk production. As long as mothers know and respect their personal limits and are firmly in their comfort zones, I don’t see any problems with the occasional glass of red in the evening before, after or during breastfeeding. That’s my two cents for the day 😉

What do you think?

My favourite reply to this thread was this…

For the poster looking for a sweet wine try moscato, its a Desert wine and is very sweet. Idk why Poole are worried about us giving our babies alcohol. Mine has a beer when she need to calm down and relax, I just pop a nipple on top and she’s a happy camper. She can get a little chatty though.

Almost as good as that was, there was another woman who actually asked if the above poster was being sarcastic or not!!


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