Psst! I’ve got a secret.

8 Jun

Conventional wisdom dictates that you hold off telling people about your pregnancy until after the first trimester.

This makes sense for several reasons (job security and advancement spring to mind among others).

But once you start to show, and this happens faster in consequent pregnancies, the jig is up.

So when is too soon?

Naturally, this is a personal decision. I have no history of miscarriages and/or high risk pregnancies so I was less inclined to conceal the news this time round.

And why exactly do we hold off on spilling the beans, so to speak. For if the worst should happen  then surely you are going to need a support network to get you through that. You’re gonna need your girlfriends. And frankly, you’re gonna need them to be at their empathetic best. And for this to happen, it helps to know that even if they’ve never gone through exactly what you’re going through, that they are nonetheless feeling a sense of loss as well. What I mean by this is that they’ll need to have been given time to get excited about this baby. To have started to feel anticipation at it’s arrival. To have begun making plans too.

So yeah, my suggestion to expectant momma’s is to let your mother’s, sisters and sisters-in-life in on your little secret even if you’re not quite ready to tell HR. Because regardless, you’re gonna need them.


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